Chokin Porcelain with 24 carat gold

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Picture 1 - text under pot:
THE ART OF CHOKIN. Japanese traditional Handwork of Metal Engraving was originated in the 6th Century and was widely used to decorate Buddhist Temple, SAMURAI Swords and Armours. Gilded by Genuine Gold and Silver on Copper, this Chokin Artpiece is made by a famous Craftman inherited this traditional Hand-Art.

Picture 2 & 3 - text under pot and vase:
THE ART OF CHOKIN. Metal engravings from Japan are created by the ancient art of Chokin. Gilded with gold and silver, the engravings were originally created to decorate the armament of the SAMURAI warriors.

Every item has a sticker with the text: 24KT GOLD.

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24.02 | 11:27

Paid 20 euro's (about 20 dollars) for this samurai at a auction

24.02 | 11:21

Sorry I'm actually speaking of the samurai that is in the picture and I did not see anything with a cup of saucer...

24.02 | 11:19

I actually own this right now and I was shocked to see it. What is the value of this I figured it was worth quite a bit due to uniqueness and beauty.

25.01 | 22:20

20 euro voor beide exclusief verzendkosten, s.v.p. antwoorden via

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